Fear's Gate

Howl is our dys-FUN-ctional family of Fears Gate Freaks, Fans, & Followers doin? Wickedly fa-BOO-lous we hope!

Thank you for all your DEAD-icated support and we hope you each have a FANG-tastic year till we scare the YELL out of you next.

Until we see you again in the dark, remember never to say WITCH like it's a bad thing. Witch, please.

Until It's Time to Open the Gate Again

We will continue to explore the deepest, darkest recesses of new hellish locations for the creepiest creatures dead and alive to drag back to Fears Gate so they can scare the YELL out of you once again.

With our newly found cohort, “the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise”, from Simi Valley. We will bring to you in the 2020 Season, “?? follow our FB page below to find out !!”.

"Like" our FaceBook page to enjoy all the wicked updates! As always, THANK YOU to our dysFUNctional family of Freaks, Fans, & Followers for your continued DEADicated support. We are looking forward to seeing you in the dark, soon!

Freak Show

Until Halloween!


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Dark Tours

  • General Admission: $20
  • RIP: $25

Coffin Ride

  • Single Occupancy: $7
  • Double Occupancy: $10

Behind the Screams Tour

  • General Admission: $10


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